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The NHS Friends & Family Test Results - January 2019 Posted on 1 Feb 2019





All England GP Practices were contracted to implement the ‘Friends and Family Test’ from 1st December 2014 with results to be published monthly.  The results are shown below:


“How likely are you to recommend our GP Practice to Friends and Family if they needed similar care or treatment?”


Extremely Likely               62%                        Likely           26%   

Neither likely or Unlikely  8%                         Unlikely        1%     

Extremely Unlikely           0%                          Don’t Know  3%     


Responses were received from below ethnic groups

White British/Irish  0%                Mixed 0%      Asian/Asian British 0%

Black or Black British 0%             Chinese 0%   Other 0%

Not provided          100%


Responses were received from the below age groups

0-17 yr   0%            18-25yr  0%                       26-40yr   0%

41-64yr  0%             65+yr  0%                          Not provided  100%




Excellent service

Listened to issues and looked at ways of resolving

Always excellent service

Everything seems perfect

On time - caring gp

Doctor and patient relationships

Personable and acted quickly on matter

Getting to grips with new procedures and technologies. Positive notwithstanding the challenge of having to serve such a large catchment

I was seen at my appointment time and I was listened to by the doctor

Nurse was lovely, never felt a thing and my appointment was on time.

Quick efficient service

Fantastic service from initial phone call to reception to gp

I've always had good experiences with the doctors, nurses, and reception staff

Suffering jet lag i missed my appointment by an hour, the receptionist kindly rescheduled me for six days time.

Helpful with all my questions

Always helpful. Get to speak to a doctor on the day you call and if needed an appointment on the same day

Treated immediately efficiently and satisfactorily

Very efficient & friendly

Quick booking friendly doctors helpful service

Prompt appointment time and attentive G

Sarah Foster who my daughter had her appointment with was reassuring and friendly which was exactly when I needed whilst my daughter was receiving her vaccinations

The whole service is excellent. Speedy efficient and sympathetic.

The doctor was Very understanding and patient and gave good advice and has had dealt with my on going problem

Make appt system easier

Great service all round.

Great service had call yesterday saw doctor first thing no waiting time

Simple service BUT this could have been completed on phone saving a lot of time

More staff on reception to answe calls .Just to many trying between 8 am ,It was a hour this morning ringing constantly.Not there fault to many patients for the surgery.

Given plenty of time and very imformative

Have used this surgery for around 37 years and have mainly been happy with their service

Make appt system easier d telephone system better

All good

Professional , polite, make you feel at ease, explain exactly what's going to happen.

Dr Simon Heath is always attentive and listens to the patient.I find him very easy to speak to which eases the reasons I’m there.He is a credit to the practice.

Always pleased with my dealings with our practice.

I like both the GP and Nursing staff and their professional standards.

My GP listened to my concerns, agreed treatment, ask questions about previous conditions to update my notes and asked about any other health concerns.

Always friendly very professional no questions unanswered all staff including dispensary great

Prompt accurate result

Apart from having to wait 10 days for my appointment the doctor diagnosed the problem promptly sent me for x.rays and his diagnosis was confirmed.

Well organised, very efficient & friendly



The only reason you didn't get top marks us because it is so hard to get through on the phone

Quite satisfactory

The surgery needs brightening up a bit and parking is difficult

Doctor was extremely helpful and helped me with my problem. Very thorough.

no issues, service as expected

Same day appointment available with GP

Good doctor

A very good caring Doctor who understood how I felt and gave me good advice

The medical practitioner I saw today was so lovely and made me feel that he had time for me and nothing was too much trouble

Only issue is trying to get an appointment. I had to ring 66 times before getting through for a call back but once over that hurdle the GP was great

Friendly and efficient service

Good service and option for Saturday appointment. Felt the doctor listened to me and flexible to get my input on the next steps. (Simon Heath)

Friendly reception staff ,will help to cover most appointments that are requested

It was fine

Gaining an appointment is a challenge but once you get one the staff are excellent

The Dr discussed my problem and listened to my opinion

Staff were pleasant as. the docto



An appointment was made but the nurses would not be able to do the blood test required so why allow the patients to book the appointment Firtunately I was on holiday that day but if I had had to arrange time off work I would not have been impressed

It took 2 years with me hassling and going back and forth to the gps at this practise to be diagnosed with cin 1 - cancerous cells on the cervix.

Waste of time phoning it took me 54minutes to get a ringing tone and then cut me off. 3 weeks for appointment it all wants reorganising want it. Wants is a further surgery in the area so you can walk in and wait

Recommend to anyone is always difficult

Way over worked for number of patients unable to communicate can’t get through

Very difficult to get an appointment



GP gave the impression of not being aware of recent visits to his surgery when urine and blood tests were undertaken at the request of his colleagues.





So difficult to get through seen a locom and could do anything have to see doctor

It took me 224 attempts to get through and 2 of those, it actually rang out but no one answered!