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The NHS Friends & Family Test Results - September 2018 Posted on 2 Oct 2018




All England GP Practices were contracted to implement the ‘Friends and Family Test’ from 1st December 2014 with results to be published monthly.  The results are shown below:

 “How likely are you to recommend our GP Practice to Friends and Family if they needed similar care or treatment?”


Extremely Likely               67.5%                     Likely           19.3% 

Neither likely or Unlikely  6%                         Unlikely        6%     

Extremely Unlikely           1.2%                       Don’t Know  0%     


Responses were received from below ethnic groups

White British/Irish  0%                Mixed 0%      Asian/Asian British 0%

Black or Black British 0%             Chinese 0%   Other 0%

Not provided          100%


Responses were received from the below age groups

0-17 yr   0%            18-25yr  0%                       26-40yr   0%

41-64yr  0%             65+yr  0%                          Not provided  100%




·         I feel that the checks done at my appointment and to follow are thorough and reassuring

·         So efficient

·         More receptionists

·         Very helpful and cheerful staff. Clean surgery and good doctors and nurses

·         Appointment was made easily, started on time and was completed efficiently but without feeling rushed."

·         Staff are always friendly and helpful, nothing is too much of a bother and staff health professionals listen

·         Efficient and friendly staff

·         Very thorough and explained what was going to happen. Very pleased

·         Very support nurse with fear of me and needles

·         Good availability of appts and easy access

·         The surgery nurse Carol was excellent today. gave me support encouragement and advice throughout my appointment with her today."

·         I always receive friendly and helpful service

·         Dr was helpful and understanding, I was seen on time

·         The nurse (Carol) was informative, knowledgeable and friendly."

·         The doctors a good

·         As usual, fantastic service from the whole team

·         The Nurse was very efficient and had very good communication skills

·         Very pleased that I'm going for x-ray on hip as problem can hopefully be identified and surgery were good at deciding what course of action I needed. I also had double blood pressure check which immediately identified discrepancy in readings so that is to be followed up. I cannot complain as I have always been dealt with well."

·         Was seen much more quickly than expected and with a very efficient, pleasant person. And I had the same experience when having a flu jab

·         Very friendly, efficient, kind and helpful

·         Dr Heath is a wonderful doctor

·         Very friendly and efficient service. Kind and helpful

·         Dr heath very understanding, kind approachable, empathetic and efficient. Thank you, kindest regards Caroline

·         Friendly and informative Very helpful

·         Both the doctors and nurses are fantastic and extremely helpful

·         All OK, on time and in & out

·         Staff and doctors helpful with a prescription I needed on same day

·         Excellent attention

·         All professional from start to finish

·         I had a very thorough and informed appointment which is helping me with some difficult issues

·         They do a excellent job very happy

·         Fast response, love the staff

·         Fast and efficient

·         Staff are very friendly, make me feel at ease and they're very helpful with their advice

·         Patient friendly but very professional

·         I believe that to improve the practice it would benefit with a better Call system for patients who hardly hear who the doctors is asking for

·         Friendly staff (both reception and doctors) , kind, helpful and listened carefully to concerns."

·         Friendly staff and polite

·         Very happy with my service so far being a new patient

·         Quick appointment friendly and helpful staff"

·         Dealt with efficiently at reception, and the doctor was very professional and knowledgeable

·         Appointment given on the same day. Appointment happened on time and the doctor was caring and thoughtful throughout. Thanks

·         Carol the nurse is extremely helpful and professional

·         The phone first policy to speak to a doctor, it could save a trip to the surgery."



·         Had good experience today but that's not all the time it's very hard to get to see a doctor face to face!!

·         Very friendly and helpful service

·         Although it’s difficult to get an appointment, once made they are timely and helpful

·         Practice is probably overloaded already."

·         The surgery can not cope with the area now and needs expanding. Once you have an appointment and you are there the service is great. It’s just getting through on the phones

·         The gp I seen Dr wildbore is extremely helpful





·         Waiting room awful with ripped chairs. Too few Reception Staff so long queue to register arrival. This blocked entrance and exit. No efficient calling for next patient. Need screen for next patient. Dated 60s era whole surgery."



·         Dr was rude and u helpful, he had a unpleasant manner with my son. I felt uncomfortable alone with him due to his manner and this is the second time I have felt like this in an appointment with him!"